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Relevant directly- and indirectly-funded publications by members of the Research Team are listed – TRIA-FoR PIs are indicated by an asterisk (*). Media articles are listed separately under News & Events.


2024-05-07   The freeze-avoiding mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) survives prolonged exposure to stressful cold by mitigating ionoregulatory collapse
Authors: MK Andersen, AD Roe, Y Liu, A Musso, S Fudlosid, F Haider, *M Evenden, and *HA MacMillan

Journal: Journal of Experimental Biology


2024-02-07   Whose Authority Drives the Narrative?: Framing the Spread of Mountain Pine Beetle in Canadian News Media
Authors: J Hutchen, V Berseth, and *V Nguyen

Journal: Environmental Communication 


2024-01-20   Mountain pine beetle spread in forests with varying host resistance
Authors: M Brush and *MA Lewis

Journal: bioRxiv preprint 


2024-01-19   Evidence that Ophiostomatoid fungal symbionts of mountain pine beetle do not play a role in overcoming lodgepole pine defenses during mass attack
Authors: CE Fortier, AE Musso, *ML Evenden, LI Zaharia, and *JEK Cooke

Journal: Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 



2023-12-19   Explaining mountain pine beetle dynamics: From life history traits to large, episodic outbreaks
Authors: EC Johnson and M Lewis

Journal: arXiv [q-bio.PE] preprint 


2023-10-03   In-flight force estimation by flight mill calibration
Authors: A Ma, A Cui, Z Hajati, *M Evenden, and JG Wong

Journal: Physiological Entomology. 2023;1-9 


2023-09-29   Coupling  Mountain Pine Beetle and Forest Population Dynamics Predicts Transient Outbreaks that are Likely to Increase in Number with Climate Change
Authors: M Brush and *MA Lewis

Journal: Bulletin of Mathematical Biology. 2023 85;108


2023-07-10   Genomic virulence features of Beauveria bassiana as a biocontrol agent for the mountain pine beetle population
Authors: JX Li, KX Fernandez, C Ritland, S Jancsik, DB Engelhardt, L Coombe, RL Warren, MJ van Belkum, AL Carroll, JC Vederas, *J Bohlmann and I Birol

Journal: BMC Genomics. 2023 24:057111


2023-06-14   A cold and quiet brain: mechanisms of insect CNS arrest at low temperatures
Authors: RM Robertson, *HA MacMillan, MK Andersen

Journal: Current Opinion in Insect Science. 2023 58:101055


2023-05-09   Strouhal and Reynolds number scaling of force production in the Mountain Pine Beetle
Authors: Z Hajati, A Musso, Z Weller, *M Evenden, and JG Wong

Journal: Physics of Fluids. 2023 35:057111


2023-03-16   Naive Pine Terpene Responses to the Mountain Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) through the Seasons
Authors: AE Musso, CE Fortier, DPW Huber, AL Carroll, and *ML Evenden

Journal: Journal of Chemical Ecology. 2023 49:299-312


2023-03-14   A systematic map of knowledge exchange across the science-policy interface for forest science: How can we improve consistency and effectiveness?
Authors: AR Westwood, J Hutchen, T Kapoor, K Klenk, J Saturno, EK Antwi, F Egunyu, F Cortini, M Robertson, SL Noble, J Wang, M Falconer, and *VM Nguyen

Journal: Ecological Solutions and Evidence. 2023 4:e12214



2022-02-07   Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic: An Interplay of Terpenoids in Host Defense and Insect Pheromones
Authors: CC Chiu and *J Bohlmann

Journal: Annual Review of Plant Biology. 2022 73(1):475-494



2021-10-28   A Research Agenda for Affective Dimensions in Climate Change Risk Perception and Risk Communication
Authors: RS Reyes, *VM Nguyen, *S Schott, V Berseth, J Hutchen, J Taylor, and N Klenk

Journal: Frontiers in Climate. 2021 (3:751310, doi: 10.3389/fclim.2021.751310)


2021-10-26   Identification of genes and gene expression associated with dispersal capacity in the mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Authors: VA Shegelski, *ML Evenden, DPW Huber, and FAH Sperling

Journal: PeerJ. 2021 9:e12382 DOI 10.7717/peerj.12382


2021-09-21   Predicting insect outbreaks using machine learning: A mountain pine beetle case study
Authors: R Ramazi, M Kunegel-Lion, R Grenier, and *MA Lewis

Journal: Ecology and Evolution. 2021 11:13014–13028 DOI: 10.1002/ece3.7921


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