Activity 3

Mountain pine beetle eastern spread-risk: Effect of pine host

Goal: Determine whether pine host genetic attributes limit mountain pine beetle range expansion further north and east into the Boreal forest.


Throughout this activity, we are using landscape genomics to test whether pure jack pine can support mountain pine beetle populations, or whether populations within the jack pine forests of Alberta are sustained by the lodgepole x jack pine mosaic hybrid zone. We are also developing an mountain pine beetle eastern spread risk model that incorporates spatial genetic structure of jack pine.

Deliverables related to Activities 3 & 4:
  • Relative mountain pine beetle spread-risk ratings for novel habitats based on spread-risk models and risk maps developed using pine host genetic attributes (1) and mountain pine beetle host-influenced overwintering and chemical ecology attributes (2) to predict eastward and northward spread through the Boreal forest
  • Mechanistically informed models to predict survival, dispersal ability and fecundity of mountain pine beetle living in and beyond their current range
  • Population genomic evidence for the degree of rapid mountain pine beetle adaptation to novel habitats
Activity 3