Activity 5 (GE3LS)

A framework of anticipating risks, trade-offs and fostering resilience related to mountain pine beetle outbreaks and adoption of genomic-enhanced tools for risk management planning

Goal: Characterize challenges that shape (a) knowledge exchange surrounding risk management and (b) multi-jurisdictional risk management coordination that represents barriers to adopting genomic tools.


Geographic, sociological, economic and policy aspects of risk related to the mountain pine beetle epidemic will be assessed, to identify factors that influence stakeholder willingness to adopt genomics-informed applications. Using various outputs from the above activities, we will examine processes of communication and knowledge exchange, multi-jurisdictional risk management coordination, and economic cost-benefits and trade-offs associated with mountain pine beetle outbreaks.


Deliverables related to Activity 5:

  • Integrated, evidence-based risk management and communication framework to inform communication of using genomics in establishing future forest and community resilience

  • Recommended multi-jurisdictional incentive and compensation scheme that will maximize benefits to Canadians while ensuring local sustainable development aspects

Activity 5